Brock Athletic Pilates Branding Identity

This project was very close to my heart. My good friend of over twenty years and my Pilates instructor, who also happens to be my friend decided to go into business together and they hired ME to do their branding identity! We worked on the design for several months, going back and forth on the look. You’ve never met two ladies with more opposing styles! Despite their differing opinions on color, they both had a clear idea of the business and the vibe they wanted it to have. Tomorrow is opening day and I could not be more proud of these ladies. And yes, I will be there getting my sweat on with Stephanie and Heather in the morning!

Brock Pilates branding identity

Branding Identity Board for Brock Pilates

Website Design for Brock Pilates

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If you live in Ft. Lauderdale and happen to like Pilates, I highly recommend Stephanie’s workouts. She has a way of pushing me to do things I’ve never been able to accomplish and now that she has this beautiful new studio with the BEST equipment, the possibilities are endless!

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