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Artwork Love : the Aestate

Art Love: the Aestate watercolor prints // Small square art and room makeover by afterhoursdesignstudio.comDid you ever find a piece of artwork so rad you had to design a room around it? I was trying to decide how to go about revamping a space to turn it into a hangout room for my kids when I stumbled upon this fabulous set of lips by Jessica from the Aestate. Just the right amount of attitude and a big pop of color! Since I was designing for a teenager, the edginess of Jessica’s work was so on point that we ended up using several of her prints along with some of my own artwork to do a gallery wall. The result: a casual and eclectic space where the kids can veg out in style! Check out more of Jessica’s work HERE.

Art Love: the Aestate watercolor prints // Small square art and interior design by

Interior design and artwork by




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Hello World!!!

Hi there! Let me introduce myself… My name is Michelle and I am a graphic designer and artist living and working in South Florida. I started this blog to share my thoughts on all the beautiful things that get me excited. I’ll be blogging about my daily inspiration as well as my work. Some of the things that get my attention are graphic design, fashion, photography, travel, entertaining and interior design. I look forward to having a platform to put all of my thoughts, ideas and inspirations out there for all the like minded people who want to follow my posts!

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